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Do you have questions about selling vintage to us?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We are ALWAYS buying vintage clothing, however we do all of our buying by appointment only, we will not accept any walk-ins regardless of how small they may be. You are welcome to call the shop to see if we have room the same day to look at your items but we generally won't. If you are looking to have a large amount of items considered (such as from a house clean out or wholesale) we will do a house call pending further information, just call and ask for Dawn or Rachael. First time sellers will need provide a valid id.

We look for clean items in sellable condition and in general we are after what was on trend in the decade, such as 70s hippie styles, 80s punk and new wave, 90s grunge, etc. We love to buy 70s bell bottoms, band tees, funky disco shirts, vintage Maine sweatshirts, Gunne Sax dresses, 1950s cotton dresses, 1990s floral skirts and dresses, and more! We do not buy professional and office wear such as suits, wedding gowns, bridesmaid gowns, textiles, and items made after 2003. For examples of our current stock you can check out our Instagram page.

If it is your first time making an appointment with us we really encourage you to call rather than to DM or email so we can go over everything with you and answer any questions you may have. Appointments book out quickly so when reaching out via dm if we don't hear back from you quickly the slots we offered may no longer be available so calling is always easiest. If you are unsure whether your items are vintage or not we can help you determine that over the phone, we don't want to waste your time bringing items in if they are modern and not right for our store. We may be able to direct you to a different store pending what you have.

When you contact us to set up a selling appointment we will ask you how many items/bags of items you have (estimated) so we know how long to set up your appointment for and when you arrive we will look at your items and price them out, paying 40% of what we will tag them at. You will receive a check and be given back the unwanted items to take with you. If you choose to do any shopping with us on a selling day we offer a discount on items up to the amount we are spending with you. You are also welcome to drop your items off and come back before the day is over.

If you have older vintage (1970s and earlier) or very on trend items we will buy off season and store them, so don't be shy to bring us 1950s swimsuits in the middle of January or 1960s LL Bean jackets in the middle of July!

If you are a picker or reseller who often finds themselves with vintage items to offload we have regular vendors we work with, call the shop to find out more about that!

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